Your Guide To Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD
Vaping CBD
Vaping CBD
Vaping CBD

Vaping is a great way of getting your daily CBD dose as it ensures that the major portion of beneficial compounds in the vape juice is absorbed into our bloodstream. It is not the same with all types of CBD products. Some cannabidiol products like edibles have poor bioavailability.

What Wattage Is Right For Vaping CBD?

Wattage is the heat that is required to convert CBD vape juice to vapor, and always keep in mind that the wattage should not be high. Apply the right wattage that is required to vaporize your liquid evenly.

Excess wattage can burn your CBD and ruin your CBD experience.

It is recommended to set the wattage between 10 and 30 watts to get a satisfying vaping experience.

How To Find The Perfect Wattage?

The “adjust to taste” method is highly efficient for finding the wattage that is perfect for you. In this method, you start vaping at a low wattage, say 10 watts, and slowly increase it. You can analyze your vaping experience at different wattages and see what you like the most.

If wattages near 10 watts are not giving you a satisfying vaping experience, try 15 watts and more until you find out what is best for you.

What Are The Devices Used To Vape CBD?

You get any vaping devices like atomizers, tanks, and cartridges in the market. All work differently.

Many sub-ohm tanks available in the market today require coil heads with lower ohms and it is best to not use them. These sub-ohm tanks require high wattages to vape CBD, and that is why it is recommended to avoid using them.

Pod System To Vape CBD 

The coils inside pod systems have higher ohms. The values could be as high as 1 ohms or 1.6 ohms. If the coil has higher ohms, it can be powered with less wattage, and that is exactly what we want for a vaping device.

The battery of pod systems is set to a particular wattage that is often between 10-15 watts.

How To Choose The Right CBD Vape Juice?

Your vaping experience is largely dependent on the quality of the CBD vape juice you select. It is available in different flavors and spectrum options.

Choose a flavor that you like so that you do not feel like giving up vaping after the first use.

The caution that you exercise when selecting vaping equipment and vape juice decides the quality of your vaping experience.