Interesting Facts About CBD You May Not Have Known

Facts On CBD
Facts On CBD
Facts On CBD
Facts On CBD

CBD has been the buzz word, which has gotten the world up in the air. Much of the rise in popularity is credited to the wellness and health benefits that this otherwise humble herbal medication is able to shower on CBD users. People have been benefiting more and more, and with that comes an obvious increase in demand.

For those who are just getting started with their CBD therapy journeys, there may be some things that may come as surprising facts on CBD. Knowing these will help you further wring out the best that CBD has to offer.

You Can Cook With CBD

This may come as a surprise even to some of those who have begun using CBD for a while. Although not as flexible as cooking oil such as olive or coconut oil, hemp oil can be used as a means for low-temperature cooking. Don’t expect to pop in a juicy piece of steak and cook it using CBD- you will most probably upset your stomach or worse, ruin the steak.

You can use CBD oil as a drizzle in salads, or for a light glaze which is restricted due to its low smoke point at 3320F. You can also drop in a few CBD oil drops into your coffee or soup.

CBD Has More Than Just One Active Compound

One needs to understand that a full spectrum CBD extract is a soup of many compounds; compounds called cannabinoids. In the hemp plant alone, there are close to 113 of them- CBD is only one of them.

The rest of the cannabinoids help accentuate and elevate the properties of its fellow cannabinoids through an effect called the entourage effect. This effect is non-existent in isolates, due to the absence of other cannabinoids except CBD. You will benefit to a greater extent from using a full spectrum CBD extract due to the holistic therapeutic effects of the compounds present in it.

CBD Will Not Cause You To Flunk Your Drug Test

Most drug screening tests look for the presence of a compound called THC. Anything beyond 0.3% of dry weight equalling THC, will flag a positive. Since CBD doesn’t come in the league of intoxicating substances, the question of it falsely resulting in a positive is completely out of the equation. One needs to be careful to buy good quality CBD products from reputed manufacturers if you want to stay clear of THC.