Anti-Ageing With CBD

CBD And Aging
CBD And Aging
CBD And Aging
CBD And Aging

CBD has become the star child of the medical industry. This herbal extract has begun to take on the honchos of the pharma’s and surprisingly has started to come on top. Doctors and medical practitioners are hesitant, but with science and research piling on, they have no option but to yield to the will of CBD and all of the things that it can accomplish. CBD has had many credits to its name but one that we hear quite often is it being touted as a skincare product. The things that it can do for skin care include the likes of reducing acne, tightening and healing the skin, and promising to be the fountain of youth that many people seek.

But truth be told, what is the accuracy of these claims? Let us find out. Read on…

What Is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is the therapeutic substance that is extracted from the now legal hemp plant and is oil-based. CBD can be obtained from the cannabis plant, but the added effects of intoxication and delusion from ingesting and inhaling cannabis act as a deterrent for many. The reason for this is because the intoxicating substance called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is available in abundance in cannabis plants (as much as 30-40%). The percentage of THC is reduced to just about 0.3% in the case of the hemp plant, which is why people consider it over cannabis.

CBD does not however have the burden of intoxicating you, primarily because it can’t- CBD is a non-psychoactive substance. CBD is only therapeutic in nature and is devoid of any intoxicating properties; hence you can consume CBD without the fear of getting ‘high’.

The research that needs to be done on CBD is still pending and much the need of the moment. The results we have are nevertheless promising and the anecdotal evidence building from users of CBD is growing in millions, by the day.

Now despite CBD is obtained from the hemp plant, it is neither a derivative of hemp oil or hemp seed oil. These are marketed interchangeably, but the difference between them is distinct. The hemp seed oil contains a bit of CBD, negligible if not anything. CBD oil on the other hand consists of a rich amount of CBD and other cannabinoids such as terpenes and other necessary plant matter.

What Is It That Causes Aging?

“All living things grow old and die” would have been a quote you might have read in your science textbooks in 1st grade. Aging is a biological process that occurs against our wishes. The body consists of what is called collagen. It is the organic matter that makes part of the skin, tissue, organs, etc. After the age of 20, the production of collagen drops by a percent, and this accumulates over the years leading to loss of firmness of the skin. The skin begins to turn thinner and becomes more delicate. The oil secretions also take a hit, and the moisture-holding capacity of the skin reduces. The skin becomes less elastic and will be unable to retain its original shape, leading to its sagging.

The environment also plays a big role. The dietary lifestyle and the level of fitness that we maintain, external pollutants, dirt, sun damage, all go to eating away our virility and youthfulness. Age spots, deep lines, and hyper-pigmentation begin to appear over time.

These all seem nerve-wracking, but there is a way to gracefully age. It goes without saying that eating healthy and reducing alcohol and smoking goes a long way in making a lasting impact, CBD can offer a way forward and help you accelerate the ‘de-aging’ process.

CBD Helps You De-Age

What is the relation between CBD and aging? The studies, clinical trials, and preliminary evidence that are in support of CBD’s antioxidative properties are sizable. It is this ability to neutralize and defuse free radicals in the body that enables CBD to help you shed those stubborn wrinkles and crow’s feet. In tandem with this property, CBD acts as a neuroprotective as well; this trait enables treatment for various conditions related to old age.

The benefits of CBD use are much more. CBD helps in reducing inflamed skin and dullness, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. The natural oil base of CBD helps enhance the oil production and nourish and promote moisture retention, lessening the chances of dry skin in the years ahead. Starting ahead and starting early is the advice for those who want to decrease the rate at which they age. The best thing about CBD is that it works well for sensitive skin as well. Irrespective of what your skin type is, the natural and therapeutic nature of CBD will neither harm nor aggravate any conditions on the skin. If at all, that happens, it may be the result of an allergic reaction and nothing more.

CBD can help you de-age, and there is no doubt that you will age gracefully and slowly as a result of using CBD.