Is CBD Effective For Pets?

CBD For Pets
CBD For Pets
CBD For Pets
CBD For Pets

We will be very much worried when our favorite pets fall ill and no treatment could alleviate their illnesses. Animals also suffer from many of the health disorders that we suffer. Many veterinarians suggest a lot of medications for the treatment of pets that could offer some relief. However, most of these medications are ineffective and cause severe side effects. That is probably one of the main reasons why pet parents are looking for natural remedies for treating the health disorders that affect their pets.

Today, cannabidiol, or CBD, is making headlines for its numerous therapeutic properties. Even though it is a cannabinoid compound present in the cannabis plant, it offers several health benefits without creating a euphoric sensation or causing any side effects.

How Does CBD Help Your Pets?

Animals and humans share most of the health problems and remedies of some of these health problems are also the same. Through many studies, we know that CBD’s interaction with the cannabinoid receptors present in the endocannabinoid system is the main reason why CBD could alleviate many of our health problems. The endocannabinoid system is also present in animals, which means CBD could also help to alleviate their health problems.

Studies have shown that CBD is very effective in managing different forms of pain. The painkilling properties of CBD are very helpful in managing the pain caused by different types of arthritis. CBD will stop the absorption of anandamide temporarily. Anandamide is a chemical that helps to reduce pain signals in the brain. This effect of CBD will reduce pain sensation.

CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to reduce the inflammation in your body that may lead to severe pain. Dogs often suffer from inflammatory disorders like arthritis and the use of CBD will help to reduce the inflammation and help them to alleviate the pain associated with it.

Many studies have shown that CBD is an anticonvulsant, which helps in controlling tremors, seizures, spasms, and tics. The anticonvulsant properties of CBD became news when CBD effectively managed the seizures in an epileptic patient named Charlotte. The cannabis strains used in the treatment was later called Charlotte’s Web.

Several studies over the years have proved CBD’s ability to reduce spasms, tremors, and tics. CBD could reduce the severity and frequency of seizures in people suffering from epilepsy. Recently, the FDA has approved a CBD-based medication called Epidiolex for the treatment of two rare forms of epilepsy in children. CBD could also manage multiple sclerosis by reducing the spasticity.

The anti-inflammatory property is one of the main reasons why CBD is very effective in the treatment of many health disorders. It was found that CBD’s interaction with the CB2 cannabinoid receptors can evoke many immune responses, including fighting the inflammation in your body. Health disorders like arthritis, irritable bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, etc. are characterized by chronic inflammation.

In severe cases, inflammation leads to the immune system malfunction and it will start attacking the healthy cells in the body. CBD will reduce the inflammation in your pets and helps in alleviating health disorders like arthritis and irritable bowel disease.

In addition to improving the physical health of our pets, CBD could also help with their mental health. CBD is very effective in reducing anxiety and stress and thereby improve your mood. CBD will help to control the symptoms of different types of anxiety disorders.

Since our pets also suffer from different types of anxiety and phobias, the use of CBD is also helpful for them. dogs often suffer from anxiety disorders like separation anxiety, travel anxiety, noise anxiety, etc. All these anxiety disorders can be managed by CBD oil.

Studies have shown that CBD could target the receptors that produce serotonin in the brain and increase serotonin levels. This will help improve mood and temporarily reduce the stress and anxiety feelings of your pets.

Vets are recommending CBD for pets because of its ability to slow down the growth of tumors. It also helps to reduce the pain and other symptoms caused due to the treatment of cancer. A study in 2011 foud that CBD can stop the growth and spread of the malignant tumor and thereby help to treat colon cancer.

Is CBD Safe For Pets?

According to a report published by the World Health Organization in 2017, pure CBD oil is well-tolerated by animals. However, a study conducted on dogs in the following year showed that the use of CBD could increase the levels of liver enzyme alkaline phosphatase. Nevertheless, the study does not show that the increased levels of alkaline phosphatase caused any long-term health problems.

Health experts warn pet owners to check the CBD products before they give it to their pets. This is because CBD products may contain additional ingredients that could be harmful to pets. Also, check whether the THC content in the products is less than 0.3%.