Why It Is A Better Idea To Take A Little THC Along With Your CBD?


If you are using cannabidiol (CBD), you might have probably heard of THC, which is a compound similar to CBD. Both of these compounds have the same origin, as they are cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. They are almost similar in their structure and they exhibit some common properties. However, they also vary greatly in terms of the effects they create.

Cannabidiol is now widely used by a lot of people for the medicinal properties it exhibits. THC is also being incorporated into some medications for treating different diseases because of its pharmaceutical benefits. Both of these compounds are found to be useful for controlling a lot of common health conditions that are usually found in people.

However, a lot of people fear that they will create intoxicating effects because of their origin from the cannabis plant. This is true for THC, as it is the psychoactive cannabinoid that causes the intoxicating effects related to cannabis. But CBD is free of such problems and it does not result in intoxicating effects. Therefore, it is safe for human use when compared to THC.

Studies suggest that the combination of CBD and THC can create wonders when compared to taking either of them alone. Hence, many people prefer to take them together for deriving maximum benefits. If you also want to get maximum effectiveness from CBD, then it is better to combine it with a little THC. So we provide some of the important reasons why it is a better idea to take CBD along with THC.


Consuming high amounts of THC can cause a lot of problems including intoxicating effects and addiction. Therefore, people try to avoid its use for preventing the chance of such problems. However, a little THC will not result in such effects and, in fact, it can be beneficial for you, as this compound will be able to enhance the properties of your cannabidiol.

A lot of CBD products that are available in the market today come with a little THC. Consuming such products will be useful for you to get better results from your CBD.

THC Can Enhance The Benefits of CBD

When present together, CBD and THC can enhance each other’s positive aspects. Therefore, consuming them together can help to produce the best effects.

Different studies conducted across the world suggest that CBD and THC can create improved results when consumed together.

A study conducted on CBD and THC indicated that these compounds produced more potent anti-cancer benefits. When tested on breast cancer and brain cancer cells, they found to provide better results together when compared to consuming them alone.

Another study showed that taking CBD and THC together can help to get better pain-relieving effects. These compounds helped cancer patients to tolerate the pain resulted from cancer treatments. They were given medicines that contain both CBD and THC, and it is noted that these medicines were able to control pain effectively than medicines that contain THC or CBD alone.

The combination of these compounds can be useful for the treatment of a large number of other conditions too. Some of them include chronic pain, sleep disorders, etc. Therefore, by adding a little THC to your CBD products you can have wonderful effects.

Additionally, CBD is found to counteract the negative effects created by THC to some extent. But it does not mean that you won’t get high if you take high concentrations of THC along with CBD. But cannabidiol might help to reduce the intensity of negative impacts created by THC to certain levels, which can be useful for people who take THC for medicinal purposes.

The improved results provided by the combination of CBD and THC has resulted from the entourage effects they create. This is an effect that occurs when different cannabinoids are present together. It will enhance the effectiveness of cannabinoids.

The Entourage Effect

When different cannabinoids of the cannabis plant are present together, they will be able to enhance each other’s properties. This effect is known as the “entourage effect”. A lot of studies have been conducted on this effect for knowing how it can be beneficial for improving the effectiveness of the CBD product.

Studies suggest that the entourage effect can produce better results when compared to taking a cannabinoid alone. Hence, if you want to get improved results from your CBD, it is better to go for full-spectrum products.

Full-spectrum CBD products will have all the cannabinoids present in the hemp plant along with terpenes and other beneficial plant compounds. As hemp is very low in the concentration of THC, you don’t have to worry about intoxicating effects. Hence, you can get better results without bothering about the psychoactive effects of cannabis. But be cautious when selecting full-spectrum products derived from the cannabis plant. As this plant has higher THC content, it can result in intoxicating effects.