How To Discuss With Your Doctor About Taking CBD?

Talk To Your Doctor About CBD
Talk To Your Doctor About CBD
Talk To Your Doctor About CBD
Talk To Your Doctor About CBD

Cannabidiol is a natural medicinal compound extracted from cannabis plants. It is well known for its effective therapeutic action without causing any serious side effects. Although that is the case, it is important to discuss with your doctor before you start using CBD for many reasons.

How To Talk To Your Doctor About CBD?

Here are a few tips that will help you to talk to your doctor about starting a CBD course.

Do Some Research

Before you ask your doctor’s opinion about you starting CBD use, it is important to do some research to educate yourself about CBD, its safe dosages, effectiveness, and possible side effects. Before you express your interest to the doctor, get relevant information about CBD. Your doctor will feel more confident about starting a discussion about CBD with you if they are convinced that you have adequate knowledge about it.

Be Honest

The stigma surrounding cannabis makes it a bit difficult for you to bring up that subject to your doctor. Even after medical cannabis has been legalized in many US states, cannabis is still a hush-hush topic. If you honestly express your interest in trying CBD and explain why you want to do that, your doctor is more likely to be receptive.

Do Not Hesitate To Ask Questions

You might have many doubts and questions in your mind about CBD and its use. The best way to clear them is to approach a doctor and clear your doubts.

Understanding The Chances Of Drug Interactions

Although CBD is not going to cause a high or lead to severe side effects, it could cause some drug interactions. To understand the possible drug interactions, you need to study in detail the P450 enzyme system found in the liver. The enzyme system metabolizes any toxic compounds that are introduced into the body. About 60% of the drugs that you take are metabolized by the P450 enzyme system.

As CBD is known to inhibit the P450 enzyme system’s ability to metabolize the drugs, the processing time of a drug in one’s body may increase due to CBD consumption. The longer processing time could lead to the accumulation of a higher level of drugs in our body, leading to unwanted side effects.

An open discussion with your doctor will help you find out the possibilities of a drug interaction on taking CBD.